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A lifestyle that balances physical, mental, nutritional, and core priorities of one’s life.

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We are excited to announce our opening! Flowtion is a family-owned business dedicated to helping you embrace a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

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The class Mobility and Balance for Seniors can often be quite diverse. For every exercise/pose, there are several options. Paola is extremely patient, and considerate of all of her students. She makes every effort to accommodate each person in attendance. Paola is a joy to be around; she is an excellent instructor, with a wonderful sense of humour!


Somatic yoga has been a lifesaver for me. After struggling to find a method to relieve my chronic pain and joint hyper mobility issues, I tried a group session with Alana. From the very first class, my pain disappeared and continues to do so as I integrate Somatics into my everyday routine. Ih has also done wonders for my mental health, giving me a break from stress, OCD, and anxiety. I would highly recommend doing Somatic yoga to anyone and in particular those struggling with pain or mental health issues. Somatic yoga is a truly amazing approach and Alana is a highly intuitive and wonderful coach.


Paola is constantly looking for ways to improve her teaching skills. She is approachable, honest, and kind, which allows her students to ask questions without worry. She welcomes every individual into her classes, no matter their ability, and builds their confidence with grace and ease. Paola makes every class enjoyable while pushing her students to do their best, all with a smile on her face.


I’ve been practicing for years and even in Paola’s slower, beginner classes, I feel challenged, motivated, and always discover different ways to move and balance. Mobility classes move to the pace of each individual’s breath and strength.


I have known Paola and her family for many years and have followed with much interest their fitness and wellness journey. From dedicated and devoted parents who supported their kids and teammates in swimming, triathlon, football, mountain biking, martial arts, skiing, snowboarding and many other activities they participate in and continue to excel at, to their own personal journey for staying active and serve as an example of a healthy lifestyle to their kids.

I have also been fortunate to have been one of Paola’s first Yoga students and have been hooked with her instruction style, demeanor, and approachability from day one, also witnessing her incredible development as an instructor, but more impressively, her constant search for knowledge regarding human anatomy and the ways in which she can help people improve their physical and mental health. Although Yoga is at the basis of her instruction, Paola always brings something new to class to make things better for her students