In a fast-paced and ever-evolving world, we wanted to create not only a business, but a place in which people can take a pause from routine and care for their body and mind; as a result, Flowtion came into fruition.

Flowtion equally blends two words vital to a healthy life: flow and motion. When you find a state of flow, your are fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus and involvement in the activity you are performing.

Motion allows the action of moving and shifting as you flow.

Flowtion is the evolution of a lifestyle that balances physical, mental, nutritional and core priorities of one’s life

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Paola’s experience in the physical care journey, and Juan’s expertise in restaurant operations, led them to combine their entrepreneurial roots with professional background to open a business they are passionate about, while remaining independent from one another.

Their 3 sons; Seb, Juan and Leo, and daughter, Monica (, have been exposed all their lives to the benefits of staying active, eating nutritional food and the importance of  cultivating friendships. Within their own individuality and interests, each of them will offer a space that will give you an authentic experience every time you come to Flowtion.

Identify your needs to improve and SIMPLIFY your lifestyle through exercise, nutrition and style

Our aim is to actively participate in the community of Hawkwood and surrounding neighbourhoods by offering programs and developing strategies that help community members share among themselves.

Flowtion Cafe’s intent is to source from as many local suppliers as possible in line with our philosophy of being a model community member.

The offering of Yoga and Flowtion classes with a coffee shop that serves healthy drinks and snacks, and the sale of casual yet elegant apparel (coming soon), all under one roof, allows for people to embrace the lifestyle in fairly simple terms.

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Your body is the best workout machine needed to improve health, and the resistance provided by the individual weight of each person cannot be replicated by inanimate machinery or weights. This makes each Flowtion class custom made for each individual participating in a class.

We look forward to meeting YOU!

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