Flowtion is the evolution of a lifestyle that balances physical, mental, nutritional, and core priorities of one’s life. Flowtion equally blends two words vital to a healthy life: flow and motion. Through this, we wanted to enable anyone who practices with us, a rejuvenating full-body experience. 

Simplify and Fortify your life with us!

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Class Description

Yoga and mobility training are the foundation of this physical practice where joint health meets strength, flexibility and control.

You will be introduced to different ways to train your body to use your midline, hips and breathing, for the stability needed to decrease pain and lower the chances of injury. Towards the end of the class, specific props will help release muscle tension, leaving you energized.

Through a consistent practice, you will decrease pain in feet, knees, hips, back and shoulders.


Hip mobility is essential for the proper functioning of the hips; it is necessary to reduce injury occurrences, lessen back pain and improve overall feeling of wellness. This is a short practice that focuses each week on a specific range of motion (internal rotation, external rotation, extension and flexion). You may find this sequence integrated in a Flowtion class.


The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in our body. It helps with overhead movement, push-ups, swimming, golf, stocking your pantry, you name it. This short practice will give you tools each week to build strength needed to improve shoulder function. You will find this sequence integrated in a Flowtion class.

The connection to your body creates a platform of growth to help you move with greater fluidity.
In this class, you will develop a strong foundation as you continue to improve skills, strengthen and increase flexibility to practice your preferred form of exercise safely.
The lesser known benefits of physical activity are in strengthening our immune system and reducing inflammation. Even if you are recovering from an injury, returning from a long hiatus, or starting to age, you can transform and nourish every system in your body with a regular yoga practice.


An uplifting, vinyasa practice where breath is joined by movement in a flow of postures. You will build a strong foundation on muscular strength, balance and flexibility. Each class will vary between teachers as their creativity draws from diverse influences and personal practice style.


An intentionally sequenced flow class that offers a challenge for all levels. After linking movement with focus and breath, take time to settle into the stillness within. This interruption patters of tension and stress allow feelings of integration and ease to follow you off your matt.


Our everyday life can be extraordinarily busy making it hard to relax. This gentle movement class is intended to allow you space for that transition to happen naturally. Attending to tension that is being held in our body, we signal our minds to slow down and let go. That letting go send signals of safety to our nervous system and throughout our being that releases our need to be vigilant. The majority of the class is done on the floor with props to offer extra support in the process. Meeting ourselves where we are at the activity level of our day, we begin practice with some dynamic movement and slowly create long holds that allow us to rest and be restored by our practice.

High muscle tension creates stiffness and pain in our bodies. We will use speciality props, which are provided by the studio, to integrate intelligent slow movement to activate/release the muscular and skeletal systems. This results in harmonizing deeply rooted preference patterns which realign your spine and improve your overall well being. Each instructor will add their essence and area of expertise to the practice, creating a magical experience that you need to try out yourself.


A style of yoga that revitalizes the body and mind using the assistance of props while resting on your mat. This class facilitates a deep awareness and relaxation through longer holds, gentle movement and breathing exercises. Research shows that this restorative approach is beneficial to balance a more active practice, helps you decompress after a stressful day and/or can decrease symptoms of anxiety  and depression in individuals dealing with many forms of pain.

A class that combines intelligent functional movements, range of motion exercises with weight-bearing postures to create resiliency in the physical body. We will explore all areas of the body including the feet, ankles, hands and wrists. In this class, nothing is left behind. We will move at a slower pace class to ensure the brain-body connection is strong in each moment. Every class will begin with conscious breathing to down-regulate the nervous system allowing both the brain and the body to be receptive. This is an all-level class that will leave you smiling and feeling fantastic.


Yin Yoga and essential oils work together to open the energy channels of your body.

A slow deep Yin Yoga practice targets the deep connective tissues of the body to open and release blockages, both physically and energetically. Essential Oils in their pure form are plant based remedies that help the body return to a state of balance and health.

The synergy of yoga aromatherapy with a full body yin yoga sequence allows the body an even deeper opening and feeling of relaxation.

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