Flowtion Mobility Studio offers a variety of classes that serve as therapeutic tools for both the body and mind. Our team of instructors come from diverse practices and specialized studies, but we are joined together by our love for yoga.

Meet our dedicated TEAM!

Paola Castillo

Paola’s active lifestyle led her to practice and study Iyengar Yoga, Critical Alignment Yoga, Elders’ Yoga, Yin and Joint Range Conditioning.
Her experience working at retirement homes and guiding classes to Elders, exposed her to the realities of using, abusing, and underusing the body. Every body has a story and every story tells a life. As an instructor, she became their student, learning about how choices, expectations and our ability to adjust to change, improves or hardens one’s life.
At the same time, she taught teenagers where she discovered how “choices” and “expectations” are defining a lifestyle in our society that is not sustainable for mental health.
Paola created FLOWTION intending to develop a practice where yoga and mobility training are the foundation of a program where joint health meets strength, flexibility and control.
She’s a dedicated student and teacher known for her passion, creativity and relaxed sense of humor when delivering classes.

Chris Hodsman

Chris took his first yoga class in 1991. This formed the basis of a modest and sporadic personal practice.

In 1999 Chris was affected by a painful back issue that invited him into a deep relationship with body.

After recovery from his back issue, Chris re-entered the world of physical fitness and competitive sport eventually only to find himself back in a yoga studio and falling in love with an ever deepening practice.

Chris completed 300 Hr teacher training in hath yoga in 2008 along with first level teacher training in Ashtanga yoga. In 2009 Chris certified in Yin Yoga and has since completed several courses in yin as well as a workshop with Sarah Powers, one of the founders of Yin Yoga. Chris is also a certified meditation guide in the Buddhist mediation practices of Shamatha and Vipassana. He loves to teach yoga in such a way that guides the student to discover their own wisdom which is seated within the body. Chris looks forward to guiding you through new discoveries in practice.

Vanitha Naik

Growing up in India, yoga has always been an integral part of my life. It is not just a practice but a way of life and a way of being. Yoga has been the only constant in a life full of change. It has provided the roots and grounding that I have needed during the ups and downs in the journey of my life. Teaching is a privilege and it is my goal to provide a safe space for the students to cultivate awareness, to become curious about their body and mind and explore their limitless potential. I have had the honour and privilege of studying with many amazing teachers along the way. I bow down in gratitude to all the teachers and students who have travelled this path with me.

Monika Beck

In her early adult years, Monika lived in Germany where she focused her studies on art, biology and sports to become a Junior High teacher. She has always lived an active lifestyle but suffered from back pain due to scoliosis. Her mentor suggested yoga at the time, but she thought she was too young for the practice. After her second son, the physical pain intensified and moving to a different country took a toll on her mental state. She enrolled in yoga classes and soon discovered the mental and physical healing power through discipline. She’s a certified 200 hours RYT, Yin Yoga certified and continues to dedicate her time to support the educational system as an Educational Assistant.

Amy Bidrman

Amy has been teaching yoga in Calgary since 2005. As a childbirth educator, she started teaching pre and postnatal yoga and trainings to that community, and her personal practice expanded to include Critical Alignment Therapy.  Amy has a Masters in Education, a Bachelors in English Literature, is an Independent Childbirth Educator, an AMI accredited Assistant to Infancy, and has logged over a thousand hours teaching, training and supporting students. Amy has a passion for sharing good, down-to-earth information about our bodies, and an unquenchable interest in learning more.

Melissa Deer Heart

Melissa Deer Heart has spent the last 8 years opening her heart to the unseen world. Through her training in the art of Holistic healing modalities and an openness to the great teachings through life experience. Beginning in 2014 with a Reiki healing level 1 and completing her Reiki 3 Master course a year later. Continuing this passion for learning through many more courses, workshops, and training. To include a 200hr Yoga TT, Theta healing, and in 2018 finding the path to Sound Healing. The doorway to the beautiful path of sound began with a single crystal bowl and a desire to listen to the teachings of Spirit. This then led to a 25 hr Intro Sound course and has continued with a level 1 & 2 sound wellness training followed with an Inner sound healing workshop. In 2019 a trip to London opened the door to learn the art of Shamanic teachings through a course called The way of the Melissae. Steeping herself deeper on the path and to further this walk with Spirit, in 2020 the call to the Five Element Medicine Path came forward. This followed with another call to the Andean Shamanic teachings of the Mesa in 2021. Both of which she is currently engaged in.

Forever a student, her yoga practice has taken her many places on and off her mat. She is a strong believer of the magic in simple movement. That when breath is the guide no space is left untouched. A transformative experience that is the union of breath, body and sound.

Silvia Illiano

Silvia is a passionate yoga teacher that inspires students to explore movement as a way to increase awareness in every aspect of their lives. Having studied Iyengar, Critical Alignment, Yin Yoga,  Pre-natal Yoga and biomechanics, she understands human movement to help her clients more accurately.

Personal issues led her to study and get certified as a Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist. Her focus is helping women free themselves from lingering issues derived from pregnancy. The core of Silvia’s classes is a balance between strength, flexibility, breathing and relaxation.

Natalie Stebbing

Natalie is constantly looking for ways to learn and grow and enjoys building on her skills to enhance her practice. She trained as a holistic & pregnancy massage therapist in the UK before following her heart and moving to Canada in 2014. Natalie has struggled with the challenges of vision loss which she truly believes enhanced her intuitive and other senses, affording her a unique perspective and approach in working with her clients. As her family has grown, so have her passions in pursuit of a full rounded practice
Trained in HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education, Infant massage and Yoga, she teaches these modalities individually but also fuses them together along with her other skills as a full spectrum Birth Doula – NatalieAnu: maternity wellness.
She is passionate about bringing peace, positivity & power to every body (pregnancy, birth and beyond). Her dream is to travel the world teaching & learning in equal measure”

Krista Strayer

Essential Oils are her love language. She’s super passionate about inspiring yogis to take their yoga practice to the next level with Ayurveda and Essential Oils. Recovering engineer turned yoga teacher – she’s totally into the energy science of essential oil chemistry and how it validates the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda (the wellness lifestyle side of yoga). Krista’s active lifestyle includes skiing, golfing, paddle boarding or puttering in the garden. Taking a break means reading a book or hanging in a yin pose for a while. Krista has taught kids and adult yoga for over 15 years and her classes have nuggets of ancient wisdom for both the experienced and new yogi to use on and off the mat.

Kim Festa

Kim recently retired from the corporate world after 37 successful years. Her passion is to share the knowledge of yoga to all. 

Kim began practicing yoga in 2010 and completed her Teacher’s training in 2017. She has level 1 Kundalini yoga certification and is also a Reiki Master Practitioner. She currently specializes in working with individual with Arthritis. Teaching Chair Yoga has been one of the most challenging and yet rewarding aspects of her teaching years.  Kim’s students range in age, from 60-80 years old and have many circumstances such as oxygen tanks, hip and knee replacements, shoulder surgeries, cancer and diabetes.  Working with seniors has provided her with insight to the complex, yet beautiful adaptability of the body and spirit. 

In her spare time, Kim continues her studies with Yoga and Meditation for the aging brain in order to broaden her knowledge base to continue to lead her community in wellness, while aging gracefully.

Rikki Dymond

Rikki’s yoga journey began in 2006.

Life events, such as physical injuries and a divorce, led her to immerse deeper in a practice that brought healing and balance to her life. She has training in Forrest Yoga and Healing Yin. She practices and teaches a style that allows you to strengthen the connection with your core, physically as well as emotionally.

Her artistic side is reflected in her creative way to sequence a class as well as the magic she creates as a photographer.

Kimberley Koop

Kimberley grew up competing in both dance and gymnastics. She worked professionally for 13 years in major musical productions in Toronto and on tour in North America. She discovered Pilates which helped with strength, injury prevention and re-conditioning.

Kimberley was certified in Matwork in 2004, Reformer, Cadillac and Stability Chair in 2006. She continued her education in Zenga Foundations, Total Barre, and Fascia Foundations as well as other specialties while living in Manitoba.

Clients have been referred to Kimberley by physiotherapists and chiropractors for rehabilitation. She has also worked with MS Canada. Kimberley helps people understand mind and body coordination, working with compassion and care in the group setting and privately to develop a well-balanced and efficient working body.

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