FLOWTION Studio is for anyone who wishes to move with greater ease. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding each class so you can flow with your personalized motion and rhythm. FLOWTION works to help you achieve the best possible version of yourself while maintaining your individuality and expression.

Simplify and Fortify your life with us!

Multi Session Details

4 weeks session $80, 6 weeks session $120, 7 weeks session $140 and 8 weeks session $160 (+ gst)

Prorating available after class begins

Prenatal Flowtion


Prenatal class with Amy is an opportunity to gather with a group of women and connect with breath and movement.  We share a practice which is simultaneously gentle and strong, with specific aspects of labour in mind and all postures easily modified.  We keep baby’s position, and gravity in mind in our movements, and so understand how they relate.

Making it a practice to move in ways that create spaciousness in your body allows for a more comfortable pregnancy.  That physical comfort translates to a greater sense of ease on every level: physical, mental and emotional.  It feels good to feel good! A class with Amy will leave you feeling empowered, confident, supported and more prepared for birth.



Infant Massage course is a traditional parenting practice that provides a loving connection between parent and baby starting early in life. Founded in nurturing touch and blended from a variety of Indian & Swedish massages, this program offers so much more than just massage techniques to bond with your baby. Massages help babies relax, sleep better, and may help with colic and digestion.

A course for 1 or 2 adults/care-givers and infants between 0-12 months old.

Infant Massage Flowtion


In todays competitive culture, our children are learning that being good isn’t good enough. “Healthy” competition encourages children to be their best, but excessive stress and achievement pressure is creating depression, anxiety and difficulty sleeping.

Flowtion 4kids offers a space for children to play, discover and explore yoga in supportive environment that promotes self confidence, imagination, leadership, social responsibility, self control and gratitude.

This playful and unique approach uses traditional poses with creative themes to keep children engaged. Monika brings her background form a degree in arts, biology and a long time yogi, to encourage a healthy lifestyle growing up. Kids ages 5-11.



Our lower back has fewer vertebrae than the neck and mid-back, yet they do a lot of heavy lifting during our lives. They bear the weight of our upper body and, it’s a central point that experiences a lot of movement and stress. This class will focus on the following:
1) Strengthening the core and glutes to support your back and neck.
2) Increase flexibility through passive and active stretches.
3) Incorporate exercises that increase the range of movement.
4) Breathwork
5) Finish the class using props that release tension throughout your body.

Stronger Back Flowtion
Somatic Chronic Pain


Somatic Movements are based upon the unique and pioneering work of Thomas Hanna. It is a revolutionary practice in neuromuscular movement re-education. You will retrain your brain to communicate to your muscles how to safely contract, lengthen and relax in a more effective and efficient way to improve movement and reduce or eliminate chronic muscle pain.

How Can Somatic Movements Help You? In order to address the root cause of your discomfort, Somatic Movements will support you in exploring how there may be tension in your body as a result of repetitive activities, injury, trauma, surgery or ongoing stress.  What was once an adaptive movement to help you through a stressful experience becomes “the new normal” when consistently repeated creating full body habituated reflexes.  This, in turn, causes muscles to become stuck in contraction producing muscular tension, aches and pain.  

This is Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA).  Your brain has gone into “auto-pilot” involuntarily controlling the muscle movement or lack thereof from the learned adaptive movement pattern.  Since these unconscious movement patterns that have caused the SMA have been learned they can also be unlearned through a sensory motor method called Pandiculation.

Pandiculation requires your active participation and involves three elements:

  • a conscious contraction of the muscles holding tension followed by
  • a slow controlled conscious lengthening of the muscles and
  • complete relaxation of the muscles.   

Somatic Movement helps with cancer recovery, arthritis, bursitis, fibromyalgia, lupus, shoulder immobility, sciatica, scoliosis, neck/back/hip/knee pain, hip or knee replacement surgery, cancer recovery as well as other conditions.


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