Flowtion 4Kids Workshop

Flowtion 4Kids

December 11th (1-2pm)

Flowtion 4Kids offers a space for children to play, discover and explore yoga in a cheerful atmosphere that promotes self-confidence, leadership, self control and gratitude. Strengthen the body, improve coordination, balance and flexibility through basic and challenging poses. Through mindful activities, stories, games and breathing exercises, children will learn to cope with stress, anxiety and build self-esteem in a non-competitive environment. Ages 5-11

Flowtion 4kids

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Happy Hips Workshop

Happy Hips & Spacious Shoulders Somatic Movement

November 28th (1-3:30 pm)

This workshop will provide you with gentle Somatic Movement techniques to improve mobility and decrease tension or pain through your hips, shoulders and trunk. We will begin with simpler movements to restore function for each of these areas separately and then connect them to create free and easy movement patterns for walking, hiking, cycling, skiing and other activities you’d love to be doing. Somatic Movements involve neuromuscular retraining. What does this mean? Your brain teaches your muscles how to move. Somatic Movements retrain your brain to move your muscles in a more effective and efficient way to resolve pain and move freely again.

Somatic Movement Flowtion

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